The MBoss Assessment takes a  customized deep dive into multiple key areas of your meeting or event.

Working with senior management or, at your discretion, staff meeting planners, we examine & review the primary components of your event that lead to strong KPIs, successful & profitable results that deliver the experience you desire.


Prior to the event, we  will:

  •   Review of your meeting budget, pricing structure, vendor & event contracts.
  •   Analyze the flow of  each component in your schedule to assure adequate time is allocated for education, networking, exhibits &  sponsor recognition, as appropriate.
  • Review your program and content development process including speaker selections.
  •   Assess your advance registration procedures, including what and how you communicate to your attendees.
  • Evaluate your on-site staffing requirements including the potential requirement for support of contract providers.
  •  Review advance marketing, use of social media, avenues for attendees to connect prior to the event.


On-Site (either as a “secret shopper” or a professional known to your staff) we will:        

  • Monitor and evaluate on-site registration, efficiency, location, staffing, level of helpfulness, overall effectiveness.
  • Assess the appropriateness, correctness, efficiency & timeliness of meeting room sets.
  • Review speaker preparation, use of visuals and written materials.
  • Carefully monitor F & B performance against guarantees.
  • Evaluate the  on-site management of the event, including the performance of staff and use of outside contractors. 
  • Evaluate your general session set ups, flow, staging, scripting and timing.
  • Conduct an analysis of attendee experiences based on personal conversations and networking on-site.


After the event, we will:

  • Review your attendee evaluation process.
  • Provide a comprehensive MBoss report that will detail key areas where improvements can be identified.  These include an assessment of attendance & revenue goals, a review of performance on F & B guarantees. an evaluation of programming effectiveness, a synopsis market share growth opportunities, suggestions for budgeting  & review of long-term goal setting.