“During my tenure with IFA from 1995 to 2004 there was a key reason why the finances worked & the trains ran on time – and for that I credit Debbie Moss.  She never missed a beat.  We always ran a surplus, especially from the annual convention and other meetings.  Talk about squeezing the last nickel out of a hotel contract or a food and beverage order – I don’t think anyone can do it better than Debbie.”

 Don J. DeBolt, Former President, International Franchise Association, currently Chief Operating Officer, American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association

I have worked with Debbie for over 20 years as a General Service Contractor for events under her management.  She is incredibly well versed in every aspect of planning and running a convention.  Her attention to detail and ability to manage multiple task simultaneously is remarkable.  Debbie excels in the financial analysis of an event, revenue generation concepts and creating a clear, concise course for the event staff to follow.  I would highly recommend Debbie without hesitation.

Christine Dietz, Executive Vice President, Arata Expositions, Inc.

Debbie Moss is a meeting and event planning professional creating exceptional results, which I personally experienced over the past 20 plus years.  As Past Chairman of the International Franchise Association, I saw first-hand how Debbie’s meeting and events were produced on budget, on time & achieved impact for both large & small programs.  Her approach combined vision, creativity, writing & staging general sessions to lead our association’s revenue growth.   High attention to detail, personal commitment, accountability, and communications are the hallmarks of her organization.

Michael Isakson, Former Chairman, International Franchise Association, Managing Partner, Insight to Execution


 "My opportunity to work with Debbie began a few years before I became IFA Chairman.  In those volunteer roles, which included Convention Committee Chair, I had a front row seat to observe her ability to multi-task at an extremely high level -- always striving for flawless execution, better than budget performance and rock solid efficiency & effectiveness.  She demonstrated an affinity to look around corners for both challenges  & opportunities and often took the lead  to address those issues.  Her commitment to build conferences revenue, while maintaining high standards, allowed the organization's finances to grow exponentially over her tenure."  

 Steve Romaniello, Managing Partner, The Roark Capital Group


“I had the opportunity to work with Debbie for more than a decade, and during that time the meetings and conferences portfolio at the IFA achieved new levels of professionalism, relevance and profitability.  From our annual legal roundtables with 30 attendees, to the annual convention with more than 3,000 and everything in between, Debbie and her team worked with our members and vendors to create compelling content, deliver memorable experiences and generate real take-home value for our attendees.”

Matthew  Shay, Former President & CEO, International Franchise Association & currently President & CEO, National Retail Federation


"Meetings and conferences can be overwhelming, complicated and costly if you do not hire someone that knows this world.  Way too many times we see our clients try to accomplish a successful franchisee convention or conference internally with their administrative team.  This can lead to overpaying and chaos.  Debbie Moss at Meeting Boss is the best at this game.  Her years of experience will help any company to streamline the process towards a profitable event!  Don’t do a conference without her."

 Karen Spencer, CEO, FranSystems, Inc.