Events should make a definitive statement about your brand.  We assess, educate and train your planners to provide the highest quality experience for your attendees while keeping a sharp eye on the bottom-line.  We are able to provide step-by-step guidelines and month-by-month timelines with tools, proven processes and techniques to develop realistic budgets, improve revenue targets, increase resource utilization, achieve excellent attendee experiences and effective post-event assessments.

Our client contracts are totally customized based on your specific needs.  We bundle packages or expand services in particular areas to meet your requirements.


Meeting Planning 101 – One Full Day Training (On-Site)

Often when a small or start up organization engages in the business of meetings, (maybe a board meeting or a few seminars) those duties are assigned to an existing staff.  Even if you are only conducting one off-site board meeting a year, there are some critical skills and essentials your staff must understand including contract negotiations, realistic budgeting, food & beverage guarantees and hotel/venue relationships.


Advanced Event Planning- Two Full Days Training (On Site)

Intended for an organization with larger meetings (500 or more); those positioned for rapid growth managed by outside contractors, or staff planners with some experience, this intensive training will focus on evaluating current market share, and position your organize to achieve an increase in staff productivity, develop new revenue streams, maximize your contract negotiations, and improve your profit margins with accurate food & beverage guarantees while delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Contract Review & Negotiations

More than 50% of CEOs and 40% of CFOs feel their organizations are not receiving maximum ROI  from their meetings & events or are not satisfied with their organization's fiscal meeting management.  It all starts with the hotel/venue contract.  Often the determining factor in both the financial success of your event and your registrant's take-away experience as well, it's all part of the conversation in which nearly everything is subject to negotiation.  An artfully negotiated contract will deliver more dollars to your bottom line, ensure performance measurements are reasonable & achieved and provide the maximum  (and desired) concessions, commensurate with the value of your meeting.

Maximizing Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales

Generally these two areas are the greatest net revenue streams for any event.  We will assess your current position and practices and work with your sales team to be evaluate their sales methodology, assure you are maximizing your market share, develop bundled packages to meet vendor needs, determine reasonable goals and achieve revenue projections.


 Creating Your Exhibit Hall

Is it time to add an Exhibit Hall to your event?  We can get you started with a primer on exhibit sales & management. This includes preparing & reviewing RFP for General Service Contractors (that gets both you and your exhibits the biggest bang for their buck), developing floor plans, the sales process, on-site exhibit hall management and post event evaluations.  If you are ready to take the jump, we can help!


Creating a  Sponsorship Program

If you have not explored a Sponsorship Program at all your events, you have not begun to realize the potential revenue left on the table.  If it is time to initiate a Sponsorship Program, we can develop a strategy to ignite your efforts by identifying a sponsorship event menus, pricing, opportunities and benefits, marketing,  and sales techniques that will pave the way for year-over-year achievable goals. 


 On-Site Event Management

We are available manage your event on-site, regardless of size.  An assessment will be made to determine overall staffing requirements and the potential need for additional resources that might be required, either through temporary assistance or more fully utilizing existing staff attending the event.


 Floor Manager

We are available for on-site management of your general sessions, exhibit hall, meeting events or registration.


We Customize

As a full service event & meeting management firm, we are able to offer several a-la-carte services on an hourly basis including facility review & contract negotiation, venue analysis and/or site selection, professional speaker suggestions & negotiations, screening  and/or  training of event personnel, preparing and/or reviewing position descriptions for your meeting staff.